Love your wife as Christ loves the church: Twitter user schools everyone


A twitter user; Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun has taken time to school everyone on the social space about how men should regard their wives in accordance to the directives of the Bible. Read tweets below

The command for the Christian husband to love his wife is not contingent upon her fulfilling any particular roles.

Even when she is cranky, nasty, moody, unloving and everything else, it doesn’t change the command.

Love your wife as Christ loves the church.



Your love for your wife has to be sacrificial like the love of Christ.

It is easy to say you will die for your wife for the male ego purpose but it goes further.

Will you live sacrificially for her? Will you die to self and self-interest to put her first?

The role of a husband is servant leadership. Service before anything else

Not being too busy with work, hobbies, social media to talk to and spend time with your wife. Join her in doing chores and raising the kids

Be attentive!

Don’t love yourself more than you love your wife!

Loving her like Christ loves the church includes faithfulness!!

One flesh union forever!

Don’t cheat on your wife physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

Be fully committed to her that no one else can come close in anything.

You must understand your wife and be understanding.

Love her knowledgeably and intentionally.

Her body, her mind, her soul.

I once heard your wife should be a university program you never graduate from, keep learning about her.

Love her, nourish her, care for her.

Make her the envy of everyone.

Let people know you don’t joke about your wife.

Listen, it’s not about money or physical strength.

Caring for your wife is a mindset

Let her know she has your backing every time!

Carry her spiritual growth on your head!

Pray for her, pray with her.

Read the word to her, teach her, lead her.

Lead her to God not away from God!

Lead in pointing her to God’s word and God Himself.


Be consistent in loving her! Your love should never be in and out of seasons!

You are a reflection of God’s love for her and God’s love is consistent.

Don’t give up in hard seasons. Delete the word divorce and break from your mind!

Don’t threaten her with it.

Being a Christian husband is not like being a regular husband.

Self-sacrifice is a keyword for you!

The good news is that grace has been supplied to you to be this and more to your wife!

Always tap into the grace of God through your fellowship with Him.

— Bibi Babatunde-Ikotun (Elder Lion’s bday is Sep 1) (@bibilamour04) August 14, 2020

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