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LIGHT OF LIFE is a sound and song that came through a burden, an heart cry, a travailing to flood Our Hearts with the Eternal Light of Life to see more clearly, hear more precisely and know the Lord more closely day by day in this Confused Age.

ADBEN Blessing Adediran is a gospel music minister, songwriter and instrumentalist. Born to Christian parents, he was led to know the Lord early in life.

He had his early education in Ibadan, where he currently lives, and obtained a degree in Education from Tai – Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria.

He’s a passionate God-chaser who pursues the full expression of Jesus Christ’s kingdom.

This song is his first single as he launches a commitment to using gospel songs to push the frontiers of the Kingdom of God. Be blessed!


Credit: Tribe of Praise (NCCF KEBBI) “Tan mole & Light Of God”

Producer: Kulsolo (Mixed and Mastered)

Studio Recording: Timmy Brass

Graphics: Nuel Visuals

Back ups: Adediran Omoseke

Adediran Anuoluwapo

Oloye Ayotomiwa


 Light of Life

 Spoken Word :

In this time and age

Darkness covers the face of the deep

Gross darkness covers the hearts of men

Even the sons of the Kingdom are wallowing in the systems of this world with confusion.

What should we do?


Okunkun bo aye mole

(Darkness covers the earth)

Rudurudu bo gbogbo aye

( Confusion all around the world)

Baba aaaaaa Baba aaaaaa

( Father! Father! ) / Twice

Iwo nikan ni imole ayeraye

(You alone are the Eternal Light)

Jesu tan imole Re

(Jesus! Shine your Light)

Ke ẹ le okunkun jade

(And send darkness away)

Ka ri Ọ kedere

(that we may see you clearly)

Ka ri o ninu wa

(and see you in us)

Jesu tan imole Re

(Jesus! shine your Light)

 Bàbà tan imole reeeeeee

(Father! shine your Light)


Tan mole (Shine your Light)

Tan mole (Shine your Light)

Siwa o oooo ( Unto us)

Siwa ooooo (Unto us)

 Bridge 1

Light of God

it is coming to us

It is shining in us

It is growing in us

Tan mole (Shine your Light)

Tan mole (Shine your light)

Siwa o oooo (Unto us)

Siwa ooooo (unto us)

Spoken Word:

And the Light Shines in darkness

and darkness could not comprehend it

Christ is the Light

And through Him

We become the Light of the World

So we shine.

Jeki IMOLE re tomi sona

(Let your LIGHT lead me aright)

Koto isise mi sodo re

(let HIM lead my path back to you)

Jeki ORO Rẹ tomi sona

(Let your WORD lead me aright)

Kò tọ́ isise mi sodo re

(let HIM lead my path back to you)

Jeki basepo Re tomi sona

(Let your KOINONIA lead me aright)

Koto isise mi sodo re

(let HIM lead my path back to you)


The fellowship of The Father, The Son and The Spirit

Lead me to the path I should go

I am never confused

I walk rightly

I see rightly

Thank you Jesus!

Jeki oro re, ibasepo re oo

Ati imole re eee

Kò to isise mi

Back to you Jesus!


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