YOURTABULARASA: Your HIGH-dentity. Overcoming Low Self-esteem, Peer Pressure and People Pleasing by Esther Akiode

Beauty is a very strong thing. It calls, it is desirable and it is good. I believe humans are moved first by what they see, and one of the things you see first about a person is beauty.
We have standards in every society, and according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we all want to ‘belong’ and be a part of whatever society, so we do all we can to conform.
Absolutely normal.
If it’s not a problem, it won’t be on my blog. So why is something that is absolutely normal on Tabula Rasa then?
Hmmm, one day like this enh, I cried.
I cried because I thought I was no longer beautiful.😩 Can you imagine? A whole me, spec like me.
But for real, I cried o. Even texted my mum and started asking questions like why am I not beautiful again? what is wrong with  me? Yada yada yada.
Please note that feelings like this can be really intense when your camera is highly powered by andr*id😂.
I didn’t just wake up one morning and burst into tears because I looked into the mirror and didn’t like what I saw o. No! I cried because… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING 
For the money puh lease💁😏. Okay I’m just joking but seriously, why? Err… Well if you’re surrounded by the type of people I’m surrounded with, you’d do anything they say. I was given a deadline to start this blog by someone, oh I won’t mention her name. She’s seeing this I’m sure 😂 but thanks to her and a few others, this blog is a reality, Yay💃. I know it’s not a perfect reality but we’re getting there.
Annnd I’m talking too much, I started this blog because there was no space in my head again. Yes, you heard me, I ran outta space in my 87 gig brain 😎. I had so many ideas but I didn’t want to share because I was scared but I know people that were like “open this blog NOW” as if it’s easy🙄. I don’t like being selfish, so I guess I just like to create a platform where I can share the ideas and create space in my head for more ideas to come in. You guys also get to drop comments and feedbacks and they just might be the highlight of the next post. Yay you! 😐
So yeah, starting a blog has been in my mind for ages but I don’t know why it’s just happening😂. Please do what you’ve always had in mind to do, there’s no harm in trying.
After you read, share, share and share, it’ll go a long way. I love you and thank you so much for supporting.
Esther Akiode.
Not much words to say but, Esther Akiode has been quite an interesting read for us via her growing blog ‘’
which is a christian faith based portal for our experiences mostly as youths. The way she simplifies her thoughts in alignment with God’s word and desires is amazing and it’s going to be a wonderful time for anyone who gets to read.
You can drop your comments about her articles on her page and let’s know what you think of the blog.

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