Our Vision & Mission

        GospelDailys.com is a Christian faith-based blog which has her focus on making the message of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ get extended to men in every form possible. 
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: During the course of surfing various websites and blogs, we discovered that most of the websites available do not make accessing materials such as songs, sermons in audio, video and text easy to watch, read or download. There always is a redirection between sites which in most cases puts the public off from downloading from sites leaving them to wait till they get it via proxy.
        Also, one of the major challenges of witnessing the essence of salvation in recent times is limitations to accessing various forms of materials (songs, books, articles, e.t.c.) that will enhance broadcasting the glory of our Lord; Jesus Christ unto the conversion of lost hearts and the edifying of saved souls.
This had been the inspiring factor amongst others that birthed the advent of Gospeldailys.
AIMS & OBJECTIVES: As it is being taught according to the epistles of Paul, the work of the ministry is for three major purposes which are;
        The aims of GOSPELDailys are for no other reasons than these. We are existing as a joint in the body of Christ to ensure that the public by our tiny commitment as supported by the Holy Ghost gets to access faith building songs, Sermons, Articles, books, Videos, Exhortations and every other related material with respect to the terms and demands of the copyright of each author’s material put on the blog.
        It is important that the greatness is shared through every possible medium existing which GospelDailys is one as the Grace of the Father of Our Lord; Jesus Christ has expounded abilities to us via the instruction from Christ is to preach the message to all nations.
Currently, there are no affiliations of GODSPELDailys with any other website or ministry, but we are continually working to aid the soil beneath the feet of GOSPELDailys to be firmer through the grace of our Lord; Jesus Christ.
We will be delighted to take up promotions of contents/articles based on request, offering the very best with our promotional packages.
 For Songs, sermons, articles and books submission, email your content to the admin via any of the following emails. gospeldailys@gmail.com 
Submission of media items should  include the official artwork for the material and a review or summary of the same. (Attach your .mp3 or song download link [preferably hulk-share], your well-designed artwork and review).
Also for your advertisement feel free to push an email to the above address.

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