LIVING LINES: Five Golden Rules For A Successful Relationship by Okonji Victor Vickflow

A Series On Human and Divine Relationships 
The start point of an athlete in a race determines his position in a race.”
As good as this sounds, it isn’t appropriate for one to only hold on to this philosophy, a beautiful headstart in a race does not guarantee victory, especially in a marathon.
Relationships can be defined with these forms of outdoor sports, they include; sprint and marathon. 
Some relationships are sprint relationships, meaning they are  short-term. Most sprint relationships are only existing because of a factor, sometimes a goal, attachment, common interest and business… Your colleagues and other acquaintance have their footprints in this form of outdoor sport called *sprint* .
Another kind of relationship that exists  is outlined as marathon. *I.e* long-term relationship. 
Many times, people mistake sprint relationships for marathon relationships.
Misplacing the position of certain relationships can be very costly, if you call a sprint relationship a marathon, you may have to expect a few disappointing moments…
Not every relationship is a sprint, not every relationship should be a marathon. Many are in the dark as to the realities of human and divine relations…
Living lines will be delivering timely insights on the subject of relationship for two weeks, so that you can be equipped with the knowledge that aids identification  and placement of men  and relationships  .
These pieces are divine capsules 💊 for deliverance. Run and engage every principle that will be shared.
God is reconfiguring your perception about relationships, read every detail shared. Until you find light you are in the dark . 
Beloved do not miss out on this insightful pieces…
Five Golden Rules For A Successful Relationship!
Light is coming your way. 
Until next time, Living Lines…
Thanks for reading.
© Vickflow Dozie 
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